Branding 3.0 is a colletive apporach to Branding that has been taking shape through careful and constant research. Our network is a result of shared knowledge and open debate.

Instead of regarding the results of a branding investigation as isolated factors, which is usually the case with most sustainable business consulting today, we believe in a more holistic analysis, one that will unite the techinical information to the subtle, intangible, and emotional aspects, yileding a much more comprehensive and genuine analysis for brands.

The idea is to assess each brand’s positioning in the current paradigm through an economic, social, cultural and environmental “lens” and subsequently plunge into and review the brand’ss the brand’s essence, its purpose, its raison d’etre .

After a  broad diagnosis and putting on the lens – unique for each brand – it will be possible to reposition it in the new business paradigm that, in turn, must generate sustainable value to people, companies and the planet alike.

Due to its multidisciplinary nature, Branding 3.0 will generate a network of people, partnerships and collective knowledge, 100% adequate to each brand’s needs. Its inclusive nature will constitute a compass to brands and provide strategic audicences with the necessary tools, helping them to become more efficient and aligned.

Each brand will find its own path into the future, steering away from ready-made so-called green and socio-resonsible solutions, making way for solutions laden with character and that will unite different skills and talents and enhancing its essencial potential.

Our main source of inspiration will often be Nature and biobusinesses, where ecosystems are governed by the logic that every participant gives a little and gets a little in return, yielding benefits to all.

It is only then that we will be able to live in a diverse, interdependent future, where everyone wins.