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Nov 16

A especial section countaining our leaf flyers was published in today’s Meio & Mensagem, as part of our Caboré “campaign” (you’ve got it right gang, in this award there’s a true “election” vibe going on!!!),

In it there are three different drawings, all reinforcing the path chosen by us.

Since  the “VOTE FOR TÁTIL!!!” thing doesn’t really suit us, we’ve chosen to ask for votes inside “DESIGN as a category”, with the slogan “design deserves a Caboré award”. All three drawings translate perfectly our three pilars: PLAYFULNESS, through the pinwheel; ECOINOVATION, through the bike; and coke’s CONTOUR, translating design’s strength in it’s hability to brand build.

A total of 4.500 leafs – collected inside Rio de Janeiro’s Botanic Garden and Lage”s park -  invaded our São Paulo’s office today!!!

it’s worth a closer look in our hotsite, full of friends and clients’ testimonials, plus a guided visit inside Tatil’s Rio de Janeiro office, Gatil’s saga – our official mascot – trying to seduce the owl, Caboré’s symbol…


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