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Nov 27

Natura EKOS

Por Fred Gelli

Yesterday (11/25/09) was a special day!

A workshop with almost 50 people – including criatives, planning and attendings from 10 different expertise type agencies that attend to Natura’s Eko brand – was held yesterday, from 2pm till 8pm, in São Paulo.

We – that is me, Tânia Savaget (inspiration and strategy core director), her pupil Rafa Todeschini, Fê Saboia (criation director), and Erika Martins (senior graphic designer) – had the task of conducting the meeting, proposing a criative direction for all comunication initiatives that the brand’s gonna make next year. We’ve worked intensively over these last few days (and nights!), in order to find the “focus” of inspiration that could guarantee to one of Naturas’ most important portfolio brands,a position that translated consistently and truthfully everything that this completely original and revolutionary brand has been doing over the last ten years.


It was an amazing experience and  only the first step in a partnership that is probably gonna last throughout the year. And the trully special thing was starting the “Branding 3.0” presentation and realizing that, much earlier that we could ever imagine, we’d be gathering the tips of our pure research work regarding branding and susteinability, with our day to day delivery!

And since it was amazing to feel that, inspite of all the hard work -  including some overnighters – it had all been running smoothly, lightly and joyfully!! the atmosphere that could be quite delicate, since we were there – in a certain way – to direct the criative process of so many agencies, was actually quite positive with the active participation, including  criative colaboration of everyone and the distinct feeling that, starting from a bold proposition from Renata Puchala and Pedro Harigoshi, our brand responsible clients were all living in that moment, a revolutionary experience into the contruction path of a sustainable brand!!!

Gimme some more of that!!!!

  1. Sei que não tem correlação com a notícia aqui postada, mas quero deixar os parabéns ao Fred pelo prêmio recebido ontem como designer do ano pela ABP.
    Continuem com o bom trabalho!

  2. Maíra Rahme says:

    A Natura é uma marca pra lá de inspiradora e a linha Ekos dialoga em perfeita harmonia com esta proposta do Branding 3.0 – conceito que me deixa cada dia mais entusiasmada!
    É um privilégio poder acompanhar o desenvolvimento deste novo paradigma, ofereço meu humilde apoio e futuras contribuições.
    Força na peruca! ;D

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