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Aug 31

In the night of August 18th, a Tuesday, marked the 3rd Meeting of the Branding Project 3.0, the first one held in São Paulo. The contents of our conversation were so rich that it is almost impossible to have it translated on this text.

Very soon we will post a video with highlights of our chat, so you can enjoy our conversation and gasper the idea of each one of our guests about the future of the relationship between people and brands and how they should seek its path toward sustainability, always aligned with their soul.

Just to whet the curiosity, we talked a lot about innovation and how it is at a first glance, all about observation. Designing WITH and not design FOR someone. We talk about sustainable architecture, on a brand called Brazil and how our country brings the essence of creativity, doing a lot with little, the emotion.

Friends who gathered at this meeting are now part of our network, which unites the participants of all meetings already held.

Below, you can also check photos of all the participants of our last meeting, with a brief summary of each one of them. Enjoy it!

  1. Diogo Banzer says:

    Excelente bate papo! Me parece que os quitutes servidos também estavão maravilhosos! =D rs

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