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Jun 14
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Jun 12

The brands great concern in generating a sustainable market positioning made Volkswagen develop its first completely Eco-friendly bicycle. With its clean, functional and attractive design, it stoled the show at Auto China 2010, generating great curiosity towards its functioning. The coolest thing about this product is the extension concept of the car itself, as if [...]

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Jun 9
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Jun 8

(Português) Nesta quarta-feria, dia 9, eu fui convidado para dar uma aula no curso LiveDesgin, na Perestroika, em Porto Alegre. É um curso onde foram chamados vários profissionais que tem uma intensa prática ligada ao design e direção de arte. Todo conteúdo do curso se centraliza numa visão contemporânea e questionadora sobre o novo paradigma do Design frente às novas tecnologias [...]

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Apr 29

Ethos  Institute’s 12th International Conference Edition will be held in may. This edition’s main theme is “The world under a new direction: Sustainability. Society’s new contract with the planet”. I was invited to do an introduction for Janine Benyus’s work. She’ll be leading  a lecture about the second principle of the Earth Letter as an [...]

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Mar 2

This week, on friday the 5th to be exact, i’ll begin teaching a Bionics class (same as biomimetics) at PUC/Rio’s Design Department. For those who don’t quite know what this is: Bionics is a science that searchs, within the natural systems, an inspiration for problem solving inside engineering, design, medicin, and other fields of expertise. [...]

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Mar 1

One thursday after the carnival, everyone in Tatil’s team, in Rio and São Paulo, got their Gátil. A few were chosen and got the Mini Gátil. Gátil was our hero in the Caboré Award’s conquest, after an endless “dying of love” saga. After 7 attempts, he finally won over the Owl. The Mini Gátil, complete [...]

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