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Aug 31

In the night of August 18th, a Tuesday, marked the 3rd Meeting of the Branding Project 3.0, the first one held in São Paulo. The contents of our conversation were so rich that it is almost impossible to have it translated on this text. Very soon we will post a video with highlights of our chat, so you can enjoy our conversation …

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Aug 18

Today, August 18th, it will take place the third meeting of project Branding 3.0, the first one being held in São Paulo. We are all excited by the presence of a great team that, inspired by the light of the individual experiences in so many different areas of knowledge, will change their perceptions on what will be the “brands’ role” in a future…

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Aug 6

A very original and inspiring website has just been launched by Janine Benius, an American biologist who got global visibility after giving a speech on Biomimetics on TED – worldwide Technology, Entertainment and Design event. Biomimetics is a scientific field whose main goal is the studying

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