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Jul 31

Tátil’s Natural Media project, which won the Bronze Lion at Cannes Lions 2009, just won another prize: the gold in the IDEA Brazil, considered the Oscar of design. Tátil won the award in the ecodesign category. The project Natural Media is an ecologic flyer in the form of dry leaf…

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Jul 28

Fred Johnston participates today in the 1st International Conference on Design MOB (mobilization object Brazil) in São Paulo. The event, which is a partnership between Brazil and Object Apex Brazil, will be held between the 28th and 30th of July. The event brings together, among the guests, top names in domestic and international design…

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Jul 24

For those who still haven’t seen it, “The Story of Stuff” is a film worth watching. It’s a short twenty-minute video that completely changes our point of view of how we live. Annie Leonard is an international expert on environmental sustainability as well as health issues. She has more than 20 years of experience…

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Jul 17

After the first presentation on Branding 3.0 was given on Cannes Lions earlier this year, this subject started to raise interest in a lot of people here. Not only corporations, but also journalists were interested in talking about it on their media…

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Jul 10

“Doing more with less” seems more and more likely to be the best way to live in a world concerned with sustainability matters. Simple attitudes are valued for being so original and innovative, that bring about fantastic and extremely creative results. This originality moves the global economy…

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Jul 2

Now it´s São Paulo´s turn! After two meetings held in Rio de Janeiro, project Branding 3.0 arrives in São Paulo, next August. The goal of these round-tables is to debate creative ways for the new relationship that will be established between people and brands in accordance with the Branding 3.0 proposal…

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