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Dec 2

The “ABP’s Professional Communication Stand Out” award happened last  monday (november 30th) at Copacabana Palace hotel. The award  exists since 1983 and it’s – alongside Caboré – one of the most important awards in the market. For the first year, design showed up as a  category and Tatil took the prize! Running with us were [...]

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Nov 27

Yesterday (11/25/09) was a special day! A workshop with almost 50 people – including criatives, planning and attendings from 10 different expertise type agencies that attend to Natura’s Eko brand – was held yesterday, from 2pm till 8pm, in São Paulo. We – that is me, Tânia Savaget (inspiration and strategy core director), her pupil [...]

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Nov 16

Como parte da nossa “campanha” pro Caboré ( é turma, nesse prêmio rola praticamente uma “campanha eleitoral ” !!! ), saiu hoje no Meio & Mensagem um encarte com nossos flyers de folhas! São três desenhos diferentes que reforçam o caminho que escolhemos. Foram, no total, 4.500 folhas catadas no Jardim Botânico e no Parque Lage que hoje invadiram os escritórios de São Paulo! Vale uma conferida no nosso hotsite que traz depoimentos de nossos amigos e clientes, uma visita guiada na Tátil, além da saga do Gátil, nosso mascote oficial, tentando conquistar a Coruja, símbolo do Caboré.

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Nov 11

Published in this week’s Folha (Leaf) newspaper: even with the crisis, us brazilians keep wanting to purchase. Obviously there’s nothing wrong in wanting to improve one’s own life and, once conquered all domestic type conforts, it gets hard to give them up, right? The problem is we still haven’t paid for the real cost of what we purchase and, at that moment, government’s role is to…

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Nov 11

The number of companies with sustainable areas inside them is growing; and better than that is the fact that every specialist in the matter believes that sustainability will be inovation’s greatest driving force. Here in Brazil we already have aproximately 2 million stations considered green, acordding to OIT (brazilian’s International Work Organization) studies.

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Nov 4

There is nothing better than to have clients from which you can learn everyday…

Since October 2nd, when I started to join Natura’s first multi disciplinary forum formation experiences for the construction of knowledge.

The first Scientific Forum – Sustainable Technologies was formed by me and three other UNICAMP teachers, each one with specialties in both Ecological Economics and Evolutionary economics’ areas. The Forum’s work started with a presence meeting on October 2nd in Cajamar, Natura’s headquarters, which lasted all day long.

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Oct 9

In 2005, Nike decided to launch its first line of environmentally friendly sneakers, called “Considered”. Along this line, the company expected a good response, especially from the hiking boot made of fibers and a clearly ecofriendly face. Critics dubbed them the “Air Hobbit” boots, in reference to the heroes of the Lord of the Rings. [...]

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Sep 18

Written by Therry Kazazian, one of ecodesign’s main names in Europe, and edited by Senac, the book “There Will Be An Age for Lighter Things” is not just another text book reading about design and sustainable development. Thierry Kazazian’s book talks about sustainability in an unusual and creative way…

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Sep 8

Designer, engineer, architect and professor. The Italian Ezio Manzini, one of the greatest names in current sustainable design, is a true sewer of ideas, concepts and realities. Director of Research in Sustainable Design and Innovation at the Polytechnics Institute of Milan, he is convinced that to live better…

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Aug 31

In the night of August 18th, a Tuesday, marked the 3rd Meeting of the Branding Project 3.0, the first one held in São Paulo. The contents of our conversation were so rich that it is almost impossible to have it translated on this text. Very soon we will post a video with highlights of our chat, so you can enjoy our conversation …

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